Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” - E. Taylor

Home is where the heart is, so only fill it with things you LOVE”

From the time I was able to pick my own outfit, I remember the last thing I would throw on was a necklace. In my mind as a 5 year old, my mother recalls me saying, that was the missing piece to my outfit. For years to come, even though my mother would tell me “sweetie that doesn’t really match”, “the necklace” was that thing that made any of my outfits-because in my mind - it sure did! When I was finally able to buy my own necklaces, I was always very specific with my choices. They had to be a chunky statement piece and, sometimes, with a pop of color.

While traveling, I would gravitate to things handmade by local artisans. Every time I held a piece that caught my eye, I was in awe of how someone could create something so beautiful with just their hands. I admired every detail, so much so, that it became a thing for me. I would purchase a necklace and, at times, a home decor piece made by an artisan from any country I visited. My collection has grown through the years, each piece with their own story and some becoming my favorite pieces.

A handmade piece has always been something I have appreciated so much more. The fact that someone put so much love, time and thought into their work makes me value and love it that much more. It doesn’t become just another piece of jewelry or item that ends up in the back of your drawer or collecting dust in a storage closet. This appreciation for all things handmade stems from the passion I have always had for art/design. Even though that is not what I went to school for, it is something I’ve always gravitated to. Designing and creating things myself has been something I’ve loved doing and it has also served as a great therapeutic outlet for me.

A few years back making jewelry began as a hobby, but when I discovered clay I felt as though the artist in me came to light. What started as a pastime turned into Jacque Cheval - a small business I love with a passion. Cheval meaning horse in French and Jacque short for Jacqueline, a name inspired by my love for horses. I wanted a name that spoke to my brand and this was the perfect combo. And while I still love a bold statement piece I have transitioned into more simple minimalist designs.

Whether it is a piece of jewelry or home decor, my goal is for you to bring into your home something you LOVE as much as I have loved making it for you and that you will continue to for years to come.

- Jacque