The fact that you are here, already means the world to me so welcome and thank you! JACQUE CHEVAL was born in 2019. What started as a pastime turned into a small business. I wanted a name that spoke to my brand and JACQUE CHEVAL was the perfect combo. A name inspired by my love for horses. Jacque short for my name Jacqueline and Cheval meaning horse in French. I am a one woman show over here, the founder/creator of this small business I love with a passion.

In my travels I have always gravitated to things handmade. To me, a handmade piece of jewelry tells a story. The love, time, thought and effort it goes into creating  a unique piece, is what makes it more special. It doesn’t become just another piece that ends in the back of your drawer. I believe jewelry is art and a way to express yourself. My aim is to create that piece of jewelry that speaks to you. A one-of-a-kind handmade piece of jewelry you LOVE as much as I have loved making it for you and that you will continue to for years to come.
- Jacque